Where to Start?

You may be wondering where exactly to start from? If you have no experience in Software Engineering and cloud computing you may be asking yourself whether this is the right career for you. Or maybe you have already some experience developing software but you are not familiar with the latest cloud computing technologies. Doesn’t matter your level we have learning path for you. Just choose your level of experience below and start from there.

If you have no software engineering experience the best way to start is to attend a free session from one of our courses. The best option for you is to attend the early sessions of the CSE 101: Beginning Software Engineering course. After the session, you can have a conversation with our instructor and chat about your next steps.

You can also drop us a message and schedule phone call or in-person conversation to understand more about your options to start your career in software engineering. Use the form below to get in touch with us.

If you feel comfortable with technology you may want to try some of our workshops first before you decide to sign up for a course. Most of our workshops are at an introductory level and require only basic knowledge in technology. They are a great way to get a sense of the teaching style we use as well as learn something new.

We can also do an assessment for you and recommend you the most appropriate course to start with. Use the form below to schedule your assessment interview.

If you are an experienced IT professional you may already know how the cloud works, which will be beneficial for you throughout the whole Cloud Software Engineering track. You may even have good understanding of the cloud automation practices because you are most probably doing this already.

However, you still need to start from the basics of software engineering because you will need to learn the engineering practices and establish good programming habits. If you think you have enough experience to start from higher level you can contact us to schedule assessment interview and we will recommend the most appropriate course for you. Use the form below to request your assessment interview.

If you have developed software for a few years already you are most probably quite familiar with the software engineering practices. We will recommend starting with the CSE 301: Developing Cloud Services course but make sure you request an assessment interview beforehand so we make sure that it is the right one for you.

Use the form below to schedule your assessment interview.

If you have already spent a lot of time developing applications and services in the cloud, and just want to keep up with the latest developments in the area we will recommend starting with our workshops. Our workshops introduce you to new technologies in the cloud and prepare you for expanding on the topic on your own.

In addition, you may be interested in one of our advanced courses CSE 301: Automating Cloud Services and CSE 401: Monitoring Cloud Services. Don’t hesitate to schedule free assessment interview with us to find out which one you should take first. Use the form below to schedule your assessment interview.

Have not been able to decide or want to request an assessment? Use the form below to send us a message and we will be glad to get in touch with you and answer any question or schedule your assessment interview.