Learning Path

Thinking of getting your head in the cloud? We have carefully selected the topics for our curriculum to help you become a well-rounded Cloud Software Engineer and boost your career in technology. We start with generic software engineering practices training that gets you prepared for any software development project – web, mobile or data science. Then we move to the cloud software engineering where we teach you not only how to develop but also how to automate, deploy and operationalize cloud services.

Check out each one of the courses below to find out the topics we cover and the depth of knowledge that you will gain. Choose the level you feel most comfortable with and get in touch with us!

CSE 101: Beginning Software Engineering
Learn the basics of Software Engineering. This course is essential for your success as Cloud Software Engineer as it introduces you to the Python programming language and the fundamentals of software engineering.
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CSE 102: Advanced Software Engineering
Advance your programming skills. This course extends your knowledge in Software Engineering by introducing you to the tools and processes used for development of enterprise grade software.
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Become a Software Engineer

Establishing good software development habits is crucial for your success as Cloud Software Engineer. Our introductory levels teach you not only the basics of software engineering and programming but go deeper into areas like documenting your code, debugging and troubleshooting your implementation, working in teams and following modern software development processes.

We introduce you to Python, which is a versatile programming language and can be used in areas like server side development, software automation, data science and even desktop and mobile application development. Together with the language introduction we go over practices like requirement analysis, application design as well as testing and packaging.

We equip you with the knowledge and the tools to become an equal member of an already well-working software development team.

Our introductory level courses are good for students with no or little experience in software engineering or those who are switching from other technology areas like IT operations or testing.

Be a Cloud Software Engineer

Developing software for the cloud is quite different than developing packaged software. Having no direct control over the resources of the machine your software is running on poses new challenges and requires careful design and evaluation of various scenarios. Considerations like performance, security and distributed workloads play a significant role in the design and implementation of cloud services.

Our advanced track starts with a deep-dive into cloud software engineering practices teaching you how to design and implement scalable and performant cloud services. We also go over the modern application patterns and architectures that allow you to create services accessible on any device anywhere in the world.

Next, we continue with the best practices and tools to automate the deployment of your cloud-based services and applications. You will learn how to automate the deployment and scaling of the cloud service you developed previously and make it highly available.

Last, we introduce you to the operational side of cloud services by teaching you how to monitor the availability and performance of the service you developed and alert your team for any failures. We go over the practices and the most common tools you can use to build a user-friendly service dashboards.

Our advanced courses are good for students who have already completed the introductory courses or have prior experience in software development and want to learn how to move to the next level in their software engineering career.

CSE 201: Developing Cloud Services
Dive deep in Cloud Software Engineering. This course goes into details how to develop cloud-based services by teaching cloud architectural practices, engineering patterns, and how to engineer APIs.
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CSE 301: Automating Cloud Services
Learn to automate your services. This course teaches details about cloud service automation, deployment tactics, scaling out and scaling in your deployments and the appropriate technologies to use.
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CSE 401: Monitoring Cloud Services
Operationalize your cloud services. This course goes into details how to use open source and vendor specific tools for monitoring cloud services and teaches common service dashboard practices.
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