This Introduction to Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure gives you the necessary foundation to become proficient in cloud computing technologies. It explains the core technologies used to build cloud platforms and contains many labs exercises to solidify your knowledge. The labs and exercises use Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform and explain step by step how to build and test the resources.

The book starts with the computer basics including hardware, operating systems, command-line tools, and remote access. Then it covers the basic cloud terminology and goes into details about the core cloud services like compute storage and networking. IaaS as well as PaaS services from those three categories are explained. Then, the book explains the basics of cloud APIs and how to create RESTful APIs. It briefly goes into the ways you can manage agile projects and explains the DevOps processes in the enterprises. After that, it covers the operational side of cloud computing, including logging, monitoring, and alerting. In the end, it describes other cloud services like machine learning, cognitive services, IoT and bots and finishes with details about the cost of using cloud services.

This Introduction to Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure book can be used as a textbook to teach introductory classes in cloud computing. Instructors can use it to teach the theoretical part and assign labs to students. The labs are structured with milestones that can be used for grading purposes. Students can use this book to gain a background in the cloud technologies and have initial experience with Microsoft Azure cloud services. People who are switching careers and want to get their feet wet with cloud technologies can use this book to learn the basics and experience with Azure. Also, professionals who are familiar with other cloud vendors can use this book to learn the Microsoft Azure services.

The book is structured gradually and builds up with every chapter. Labs and exercises assume that the labs and exercises from the previous chapter are completed. A lot of the labs even require that you use something that you have built in the previous chapter, so make sure that you follow the book in sequence.

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