About Our School

Our Specialty

Since the public announcement of Amazon Web Services in 2006 cloud computing has become a requirement for success in a technology career. Doesn’t matter whether you are an IT professional, a Program or Product Manager or a Software Developer, you need to understand “the Cloud” in order to grow professionally. Cloud Services and Infrastructure power almost every modern website and are the main engine behind the wide-spread of mobile applications.

Our school is concentrated on teaching Software Engineering Practices for the era of cloud computing. Our curriculum covers all the aspects that you will encounter in your career as Cloud Software Engineer and gives you a solid background for further advancement in your career. By using a hands-on approach, collaborative design sessions, and expert guidance we develop not only your problem-solving skills but your technology intuition, creative skills, your curiosity and desire to develop better, more performant and more user-friendly products using cloud technologies.


I wanted to create a school that not only teaches cloud computing as technology but also establishes good engineering practices that include customer-centric development, collaboration, and resource consciousness. We take a holistic approach that produces well-rounded Software Engineers who can not only solve complex problems but can solve them in an efficient manner as part of a bigger team.

Toddy Mladenov, Crimson Pinnacle Founder

Our Courses

Throughout each course, you work on a project that is designed to build your knowledge in software engineering and the cloud technologies. The project together with the homework and the in-class discussions will prepare you for all the aspects of your cloud engineering career. Our curriculum is designed for people with absolutely no experience in software engineering and cloud computing, however, you can join at any level after successfully passing the entry test.

For our Cloud Software Engineer courses, we use small classes of 12 people and each session includes homework review, theoretical part, and in-class hands-on exercises. Sessions are interactive and participation is a must for your successful completion of the course. Each course requires collaborating with other students on requirements, design, and implementation and you earn additional points on all those skills. Our grading system is designed in a way to provide you with a continuous feedback on your progress as well as to give a potential employer a good overview of your skills as Cloud Software Engineer.

Extend Your Knowledge

In addition to the comprehensive Cloud Software Engineering courses we also offer targeted workshops where you can just get familiar with particular cloud technology. Our workshops vary from beginner to advanced to deep dives and include hands-on labs and exercises. You can join any of the workshops to get a taste of the learning environment and the training practices we use.